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How to find out my hostname

In this instruction, you will find out how to find your server hostname in Shared / Reseller hosting packages. Log into your cPanel. Click on the Server Information link in the side menu. You will then see your Server Name listed along with additional information about your server

How to Submit a Ticket to Jolt

What is the correct process of Ticket Submission? Users can send a ticket by clicking the ‘Write Us a Message Now’ button at the right portion of the Welcome Page. It is possible to submit tickets regardless of whether the user is logged into HelpDesk or not. If you are . . . Read more

Logging Into The Support Center

To log into the support.jolt.co.uk HelpDesk, click on the link to ‘My Tickets’ at the top of the webpage: You will see this pop-up window appear: Use the same login details for your Client Area that are sent in the Welcome email to your contact email address: Username: email address . . . Read more

Crucial Security Practices – User Workstation

In terms of vital security practices for users, Jolt.co.uk recommends basic rules for clients to follow. Protecting your workstation, computer, and other devices will help prevent problems caused by stolen passwords to FTP, web hosting account, website backend, and others. We have encountered several cases when users’ workstations were infected . . . Read more

Understanding the PHP Info Page

Read this article to learn about the PHP info page, including how to create and utilise it, as well as how it can be helpful. How to Use the PHP Info Page PHP Info, or phpinfo() is a standard PHP function that provides various  technical details of the PHP installation. . . . Read more