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How to Get Started With Web Hosting

Questions About Domains

Are you already a domain name owner?


Point your domain to our name servers can be found in the welcome email or contact live support to determine your nameservers. Your domain will be accessible worldwide following the DNS propagation that lasts from 12 to 24 hours.


We can register the following domain names. Open a billing ticket if you didn’t order a domain registration during the sign up process. Use the form to check whether a domain is available.

Hosting account questions

Uploading website content


Use your default FTP to access all directories of your account (the same login and password for cPanel). You can create an additional FTP account if you want to grant access to a particular directory and its sub-folders. Just navigate to cPanel > Files > FTP accounts > Add an ftp account.

cPanel > Files > FTP accounts > Add an ftp account
  • Fill up the necessary information.
  • Click ‘Create FTP Account’.

Note that you need an FTP client to work with FTP.

File Manager

cPanel > Files > FileManager
  • Upload main domain content to public_html.
  • Addon domain files should go to public _html/addondomain.com
  • Publish sub-domain content to public_html/subdomain.com.

Using email service

Creating an email account

Mail > E-mail accounts
  • Add an e-mail address
  • Fill in the necessary information.
  • Click the ‘Create Account’.

Checking emails

You may use Webmail to access your email through a web browser.

URLs to use to log in to Webmail:


Using an email client is a more convenient option.

[su_note note_color=”#ffa6b4″]Make sure to create an email account in cPanel.[/su_note]

Then, in cPanel, go to Mail > Email accounts.

The email account must be in the list of existing email accounts. Otherwise, you need to create one. Check out the manuals for commonly used email clients.

Website Building Assistance

We offer Softaculous auto-installer which provides one-click installation for scripts as blogs, content management systems, shopping carts, and forums.

Useful cPanel features

AWSTATS (statistics software)

To enable Awstats (which is disabled by default), go to cPanel > Logs > Choose Log Programs.

Check Awstats and the domain(s) that you like to get statistics for.

To view the statistics go to Logs > Awstats.

Note that Analog and Webalizer are disabled on shared servers because of their resource intensive nature.

You can also update Awstats manually. To do this, please enter Awstats (Logs > Awstats) and click the Update Now button on top of the page.

[su_note note_color=”#ffe7a6″]After initial update, manual updates become available. These may take from 24 up to 72 hours.[/su_note]

Creating Addon domain

Addon domains are separate with their own content managed by one cPanel account: cPanel > Domains > Addon Domains.

  • Indicate desired domain name and FTP account password.
  • Click ‘Add Domain’.

Create a sub-domain

Subdomains prefix to your domain name and point to a subdirectory within your public_html folder: Domains > Subdomains.

  • Set your prefix in the sub-domain field.
  • Click ‘Create’.

Create a parked domain

Another term for parked domains are aliases which copy the content of customer’s main domain (domain1 = domain2): Domains > Aliases.

  • Enter the domain you want to park in the available text field.
  • Click ‘Add Domain’.

Billing questions

Client Login

Client Area

  • Look at your personal details related to your hosting account.
  • Update said information.
  • See product details.
  • Review paid and outstanding invoices.
  • Settle unpaid invoices.
  • Request new services.

Important billing information

To login to Client Area, use your contact email address (which you used to sign up). It must be a current address since this is where we will contact you and send invoice notifications.

The first invoice notification comes 14 days before the due date. Web Hosting, Business and Reseller plans owners must clear invoice 7 days after the due date. If not, your account will be suspended and cancelled after eight days. If you have a VPS or dedicated server, your account will be active only 3 days after the due date. We will suspend your account and cancel within 5 days if invoice is not settled.

Cancelled accounts will be denied access to account/data/cPanel/mail.

We store a backup normally for 30 days after an account gets cancelled. However, we do not provide guarantees on the backup’s actual availability. You can remove the backup for £8 + VAT if you want to terminate our agreement.

If you want to continue using our services, pay £8 + VAT for backup restoration + the renewal fee of your hosting account. We reactivate free domain names at no additional cost within the regular domain reactivation period of 27 days.

After this period, the domain is moved to a redemption zone and remains there for 90 days. You must pay a fee of $200 for restoration. We do not encourage clients to let the redemption period expire before re-registering a domain. This 90-day term is indefinite and depends on a domain registrar. You can lose the domain to another user. It will be an advantage for you to deal with a domain within 27 days if it expired.


  • Live Support

Sales, pre-sales, and simple technical questions are often classified as “level 1” support.

  • HelpDesk

https://support.jolt.co.uk/ or https://my.jolt.co.uk/supporttickets.php (Client Area)

This is where we handle more difficult issues courtesy of customer service staff and technical support (24/7).

Billing department working hours: 08:00 – 16:00 GMT

We address billing issues any time. However, please consider the specified period to wait for a response. Billing support is only available through HelpDesk.

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