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Possible Solutions For “Uploaded File is 0 bytes” Issue

Have you ever uploaded a file and noticed that it appears as 0 bytes on your server?

In all likelihood, there was an issue with the upload:

  • The file you uploaded was corrupted during the transfer process, which may have been caused by a connectivity glitch between your computer and the server.
  • The disk space on the server is full which may cause issues similar to this with uploading.
  • The file was corrupted even before you uploaded it to the server. Please double check to ensure the files you upload are functioning properly.

Possible solutions:

  • Try to upload the file again. Delete the file on the FTP and upload it again.
  • Try using SFTP, which creates a secure connection between you and the server, thus resolving connectivity problems.
  • Set your FTP transfer settings to Passive Mode.

Use a program to compress your files, such as 7zip. It is possible to configure this program to save larger files in multiple archives or parts. The chances of corruption are reduced during the upload if you are uploading smaller archives.

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