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General Settings for FTP

FTP Account Details

Access your FTP account:

  1. Use cPanel account login details (default FTP account)
  2. Create additional FTP account via cPanel (add-on FTP account)
Using cPanel username and password grants you access to all directories of your account. You must use an add-on FTP account if you wish to connect or grant someone access to a particular directory only. This can be manually created or is automatically created when you add a subdomain or addon domain to cPanel.

Basic FTP Settings

Host: Use your domain (without the http://www.) or the server IP address.

Username: Use your cPanel username (for default FTP account) OR username@domain.com (for add-on FTP accounts).

Navigate to cPanel > Files > FTP accounts to check add-on FTP account name.

Password: Use your cPanel password (for default FTP account) OR add-on FTP account password.

You can reset a password by navigating to cPanel > Files > FTP Accounts > Change password

Port: The standard port we use is 21. Please use 47926 if connecting via SFTP.

Mode: Passive

Number of simultaneous connections: 2

Popular FTP clients

Below is a list of the most popular FTP clients as well as links to download them.

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