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Apache Modules List

You will find a list of Apache modules that are loaded on all Jolt Shared Hosting servers below:

core_module (static)
authn_file_module (static)
authn_core_module (static)
authz_host_module (static)
authz_groupfile_module (static)
authz_user_module (static)
authz_core_module (static)
access_compat_module (static)
auth_basic_module (static)
socache_shmcb_module (static)
socache_dbm_module (static)
so_module (static)
include_module (static)
filter_module (static)
deflate_module (static)
http_module (static)
mime_module (static)
log_config_module (static)
logio_module (static)
env_module (static)
expires_module (static)
headers_module (static)
usertrack_module (static)
unique_id_module (static)
setenvif_module (static)
version_module (static)
proxy_module (static)
proxy_connect_module (static)
proxy_http_module (static)
slotmem_shm_module (static)
ssl_module (static)
mpm_event_module (static)
unixd_module (static)
status_module (static)
autoindex_module (static)
asis_module (static)
suexec_module (static)
cgi_module (static)
negotiation_module (static)
dir_module (static)
actions_module (static)
userdir_module (static)
alias_module (static)
rewrite_module (static)
passenger_module (shared)
hostinglimits_module (shared)
bwlimited_module (shared)
bw_module (shared)
cloudflare_module (shared)
fastinclude_module (shared)
lsapi_module (shared)
security2_module (shared)

Essentially, the above list is comprised of the output of httpd –M command.

Note: Because PHP is being run in CGI on our servers, it is not possible to use PHP function apache_get_modules().


PHP: apache_get_modules – Manual – http://php.net/manual/en/function.apache-get-modules.php

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