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What is ntPhpSelector?

Server owners will need several PHP versions. We have installed CloudLinux on shared and reseller servers. You can choose from multiple types of PHP. However, licenses for CloudLinux do not come free. Besides, buying a license simply to obtain multiple varieties of PHP is not practical. You can compile more versions but you need time and effort to pull this off. Henceforth, Jolt provides a free option to PHP Selector from CloudLinux called ntPhpSelector that you can install on the cPanel server.

It’s important to note that the ntPHPselector 3 plugin needs SuPHP and EasyApache 3 on the system. At present, it does not work with any other PHP handlers or EasyApache version.

Run this command in order to install ntPHPselector:

	cd /usr/local/src
	wget -N https://nixtree.com/download/free/ntphpselector_manage.sh
	sh ntphpselector_manage.sh install
	#For updating currently installed ntPHPselector using the following command;
	sh ntphpselector_manage_beta.sh update

Run this command to recompile php in ntPHPselector:

	sh ntphpselector_manage.sh recompile <option>
	-- option  2 for 5.2
	                   3 for 5.3
	                   4 for 5.4
	                   5 for 5.5

For example, to recompile php5.2:

	sh ntphpselector_manage.sh recompile 2

Run this command to uninstall the plugin:

	sh ntphpselector_manage.sh uninstall

You may also review the official site of the developer or ntPhpSelector web page.