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Understanding the Basics of Domain Name Status Codes

A domain name’s status is seen in the WHOIS information. Learn about the most common domain status codes and what they mean by reading this article.


The Registry sets the status. It can also modify and renew the Domain Name. This Domain Name is incorporated into the DNS zone if linked to at least a single nameserver.

Registry Lock

The Registry sets this status.

The Registry cannot remove or tweak the lock although it can renew the lock. However, the registry must remove the Registry Lock so the registrar can make adjustments on the domain which is included in the DNS zone if directed towards one name server.

Registrar Lock

The Registrar sets the status.

Domain names cannot be deleted or changed but they can be renewed. The registrar must do away with the Registrar-Lock status to adjust the domain which becomes part of the DNS zone.


The registry sets this status.

The domain name cannot be removed or altered by the registrar, but it can be renewed. The registry must remove the Registry-Hold status before any modification is allowed. In addition, the domain is not included in the DNS zone.


The registrar sets this status.

The domain cannot be deleted or revised but it can be renewed. The registrar must take out the Registrar-Hold status prior to any changes in the domain. It will not be incorporated in the DNS Zone.

Redemption Period

The registry sets this status once the registrar asks for the removal of the domain name from the registry. The domain is not included in the DNS zone. The domain name cannot be deleted or changed, only restored. The domain stays in this state for a limit of 30 calendar days.

Pending Restore

The registry sets this status if the registrar asks for restoration of domain names under the status of ‘Redemption Period’. The domain is part of the DNS zone. Requests made by the registrar to revise the domain will be turned down. The domain remains in this condition while the registry waits for the registrar to supply the necessary documentation in seven calendar days. This action confirms the request for restoration. In response, the registry will set the domain status to ‘Active’. Also if the documentation is not provided within seven calendar days, the domain will revert to ‘Redemption Period’ status.

Pending Delete

The registry sets this status after the domain is set to ‘Redemption Period’ and the registrar has not restored the domain. The domain is not incorporated into the DNS zone. Registrar requests for updates or modifications will be refused. The domain will be deleted from the registry database after five calendar days.

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