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Frequently Asked Questions About Web Hosting Accounts

Many of the questions commonly asked by customers about billing are found here. In case you have a billing question that hasn’t been answered below, feel free to contact us.

Why did I not receive any login details after signing up?

Our Billing System sends account login details automatically once the account is activated.

Here are the steps if you fail to receive a welcome email:

  1. Check your spam directory since notification emails are sent there in some instances.
  2. Contact live support. We will check the problem and send you a manual email.

What should I do in case my hosting account was suspended?

There could only be two reasons for account suspension:

  • A billing concern
    If your payments are delayed, we will suspend your account until the payments are updated. Log in to the client order area to determine outstanding invoices.
  • For AUP violation
    Accounts are usually suspended for spamming, hacking, port scanning, offensive content and resource abuse. The account-holder gets a notification through the contact email address regarding violations of company policies. Please reply to the notice ASAP for immediate resolution.

    If your account is suspended more than 3 times for any of these reasons, you will be asked to move your account to more resource-intensive or dedicated servers. Otherwise, you must find another hosting provider.

    We will terminate your account without notice for serious offences like child pornography (as well as warez/mp3 sharing). We also have the prerogative to send your contact details to proper authorities since the company maintains a zero-tolerance policy on this matter.

Is it possible to upgrade my hosting account?

Yes. Inform our billing department so they can arrange it for you. In case your current hosting plan will not expire soon, we will subtract the unused amount from your new invoice.

Can we change the main domain of an account?

  • Web hosting, Business hosting – YES
    The Jolt billing support team implements domain name changes for free. Submit a ticket to the billing department at support.jolt.co.uk

    If the new main domain is an addon or a parked domain, it must be removed from cPanel first.

  • Reseller Hosting with private nameservers – NO
    We do not change main domain for resellers using private nameservers (n1.mainresellerdomain.com ns2. mainresellerdomain.com)

    If domain change is vital, we can only recreate an account from scratch. It will work for those who just signed up and have no content yet.

  • Reseller hosting with anonymous (default) nameservers – YES
    It is highly possible to change the main domain in this situation. For more details, please contact technical department through our HelpDesk.

How can I provide web hosting services to clients or friends?

Buy a reseller hosting plan from us, after which you can easily provide web hosting services to anyone.

Do you offer private domain nameservers with reseller hosting plans?

Yes. We offer it at a one-time fee of 10 GBP with Reseller Mini plan. Private nameservers are free with all other reseller packages.

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