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Frequently Asked Questions About Software and Services

Do you support FrontPage?

No, as it is not supported by the latest version of cPanel.

Can I operate an online store by using shopping cart software?

Yes, that is possible. We provide numerous free shopping cart scripts for customers. You can install them with a single click of a button. However, you need a shopping cart derived from the PHP scripting language and MySQL database software.

Do you support shared SSL?

Jolt does not support shared SSL. You must purchase a dedicated SSL certificate for your website. We offer various SSL certificates. More information on certificate types and prices are found here.

Can I use ASP on your servers?

You can use ASP for Windows hosting only which is a dedicated server with Windows OS.

Do you offer web design services?

At present, Jolt does not offer full-fledged custom website design but provide clients with Softaculous script installer. This software is free and accessed inside cPanel.

Do you support JSP?

Jolt does not support JSP on shared hosting plans. Instead, we propose a dedicated server with 4GB of RAM.

Can you support DJango and Ruby on Rails?

Jolt supports Django only on our dedicated servers. Ruby on Rails is accessible in all our shared/reseller servers (select any version in cPanel). The same thing applies to Python.

Does you host adult websites?

Jolt authorizes legal adult content.

Do you allow rapeedleech program?

Our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) states clearly that running of public file exchange services is strictly forbidden.

Is it possible to conduct audio/video streaming?

We cannot perform this on shared hosting because it consumes too many resources. However, it is possible to do streaming on VPS/dedicated servers.

The lowest plan for audio streaming is VPS3 and VPS4 for video streaming with the dedicated server as recommended package.

Essential Considerations:

  • The size of the files for streaming and the number of people who will watch or listen to them at the same time.
  • The purpose of hosting account – Do you plan to have one website which streams audio and video? Do you intend to host multiple sites with different apps and send many emails?

If you are not sure, please email our technical department regarding your server requirements (software). We will analyse this information and give you the best offer.

Do you create backups on VPS/dedicated servers?

We perform daily backups on shared hosting only (Web Hosting, Business, and Reseller). You can install automatic backups on VPS/dedicated server if you use cPanel.

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