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Frequently Asked Questions About Private Nameservers

What is the meaning of private nameservers?

Private name servers resemble ns1.yourwebsite.com and ns2.yourwebsite.com.

These servers are free with all our Reseller packages except for Reseller Mini. We charge a one-time fee of only 10 GBP.

Why do I need a private nameserver?

  • To Become Totally White Label
    Our Reseller hosting is transparent. Likewise, we remain incognito so your clients do not even know we exist.
  • Trouble-Free Upgrade Or Switching Hosts
    Just update private nameservers with Internet Protocols of a new server.You do not have to contact customers and ask them to change nameservers. All sites will be up and running after DNS propagation.

How can I get private nameservers?

  • Resellers
    Purchase the private name server (Reseller package) when you sign up with us. We will email the nameservers information and other account details once your Reseller account becomes active.

    You can also order private nameservers later by issuing a ticket to our Billing Department at HelpDesk.

  • VPS/Dedicated servers
    We create private nameservers on VPS/dedicated servers after the initial setup. This will be free of charge provided you use only cPanel as your control panel. Submit a ticket to our Support department at HelpDesk.

    To use private nameservers, these must be created on the server and registered on the domain registrar end (IPs). This process is known as, “to add glue records”. It means adding records to specify what IP address the domain name represents, in our case nameservers.

    The nameservers are pointed to IPs provided by our technical department and propagated. After this step, you can use them for any of your domains.

How can I register private nameservers with a domain registrar?

You simply need to login to your domain control panel and set IPs for nameservers. Please contact your domain registrar support for any issues.

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