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Frequently Asked Questions About Domain Names

After acquiring a domain name, you can host this domain with us by pointing it to the nameservers that we will send you. If you don’t have a domain, we will register it for you!

Do you provide domain registration services?

Jolt provides domain registration as part of our hosting services. You can register these TLDs at reasonable prices.

Domain Extension 1 Year 2 Years Free with Web Hosting Plans* Free with Reseller Hosting Plans
.com £8.32 £16.64
.net £8.32 £16.64
.org £8.55 £17.10
.biz £8.35 £16.70
.info £8.99 £15.98
.in £4.99
.me £5.50
.mobi £5.99
.co £7.99
.co.uk £4.99 £9.98
.org.uk £4.99 £9.98
.me.uk £4.99 £9.98
.uk £4.99 £9.98
.agency £11.99 £23.98
.asia £10.87 £21.74
.center £10.99 £21.98
.club £6.99 £13.98
.company £10.99 £21.98
.directory £10.99 £21.98
.education £10.99 £21.98
.email £10.99 £21.98
.equipment £10.99 £21.98
.eu £5.99 £11.98
.gallery £10.99 £21.98
.graphics £10.99 £21.98
.institute £10.99 £21.98
.international £10.99 £21.98
.link £5.99 £11.98
.management £10.99 £21.98
.ninja £9.99 £19.98
.photography £10.99 £21.98
.photos £10.99 £21.98
.pictures £5.99 £11.98
.solutions £10.99 £21.98
.support £10.99 £21.98
.systems £10.99 £21.98
.technology £10.99 £21.98
.today £10.99 £21.98
.tv £16.99 £33.98
.xxx £57.99 £115.98


All Reseller packages as well as all shared packages, with the exception of UK Hosting Mini, also come with 1 free domain. We manage free domain names for our clients. A domain name is free on condition that you keep the hosting account with Jolt.

Can I transfer a domain to you?

Jolt accepts domain registration transfers only for the following domain extensions:

Domain Extension 1 Year 2 Years Free with Web Hosting Plans* Free with Reseller Hosting Plans
.com £8.32 £16.64
.net £8.32 £16.64
.org £8.55 £17.10
.biz £8.35 £16.70
.info £8.99 £15.98
.in £4.99
.me £11.99
.mobi £9.65
.co £15.99
.co.uk £4.99 £9.98
.org.uk £4.99 £9.98
.me.uk £4.99 £9.98
.uk £4.99 £9.98
.tv £16.99 £33.98

*Except UK Hosting Mini.

The domain must conform to these requirements:

  • The domain is over 60 days old.
  • The domain status is “Unlocked” at the current registrar.
  • The domain shows the customer’s current information for the admin contact in Whois. The authorization email will be sent to this address.
  • The domain is not within seven days of expiration.

If you prefer to transfer a domain to Jolt, send a ticket to Domain Registration/Transfer at our Helpdesk or email domains@jolt.co.uk.

Can I change main domain name at Jolt?

Yes, we can even do it for you minus any charges. Just send us a request through HelpDesk.

We can perform changes to Main Reseller Domain Name if private nameservers are NOT used. Another alternative is to recreate the account from scratch.

Can you host all types of domain name extensions?

Jolt hosts any valid domain extension provided you change its DNS (Domain Name Servers) to the values we send in your web hosting welcome email.

Who owns the free domain?

Jolt owns the domain but we provide it at no cost if you use our hosting services. The domain is registered through Namecheap.com, our domain registrar partner. You can move the domain to your own Namecheap.com account for a one-time fee of only 12 GBP + VAT.

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