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The Benefits of Using CageFS

It is our mission here at Jolt to do everything we can to provide users with maximum security. In this regard, we utilize CageFS on all of our shared and reseller hosting servers that operate under CloudLinux.

What is CageFS?

CageFS is a virtualized file system that provides each user with a unique, private ‘cage’. This is similar to how Virtual Private Servers in relation to an entire dedicated server. However, it comes with quite a few differences including improved security.

Benefits of Using CageFS:

  • Absolute user isolation, exclusive filesystem, processes, resources, etc.
  • Prohibition of visibility of server files such as Apache configuration files for users
  • Users have a limited capacity to view their own /proc filesystem and are restricted from viewing other users’ processes.
  • Each user is isolated from others, therefore not affecting other users on the same server (e.g., processes including Apache, Cron Jobs, SSH, etc. are all unique to each user)

As our customer, you can have the peace of mind that we do our very best to ensure your security.

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