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How to Migrate to Jolt from HeartInternet

HeartInternet uses a custom control panel known as eXtend. If you are moving to Jolt from HeartInternet, we have a migration tool to facilitate an easy, smooth and straightforward migration process to move all your websites, databases, and emails, among others, to our servers.

Follow these simple steps to run your sites from our servers:

  1. Order from any of our shared, reseller, VPS and Dedicated server packages (VPS or Dedicated servers should be with cPanel);
  2. Inform us of your intention to migrate in one of two ways:
    1. Create a ticket at our HelpDesk (check how to login here and how to submit a ticket here); OR
    2. Send an email to support@jolt.co.uk. Please provide us with an acceptable timeframe for transferring your account, as well as your username and password for the HeartInternet control panel.
  3. We at Jolt will endeavour to move your sites from HeartInternet to your new Jolt account as quickly as possible. Please note that the migration time will depend on the number of accounts you have with HeartInternet and the size.

Enjoy the benefits of utilising Jolt services!