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How to Install New Relic Monitoring Software


New Relic is one of the most popular web-based monitoring systems. It is utilised by numerous companies, from small businesses to large organisations, such as Nike, HP and Groupon, to name a few.

The following are screenshots of the New Relic interface:

Installing New Relic Monitoring Software

First, you need to log into your server via SSH as root user.

CentOS / Red Hat Linux:

  1. Get the repository containing the New Relic files by typing:
rpm -Uvh http://download.newrelic.com/pub/newrelic/el5/i386/newrelic-repo-5-3.noarch.rpm
  1. Then, install the New Relic package by typing the following command:
yum install newrelic-sysmond
  1. Upon installation of the New Relic package, you need to provide the software with your New Relic license key. Replace “LICENSE_KEY_HERE” with your unique license key. If you’re not certain what your license key is, click the bar at the top right of your screen, select ‘Account Settings’ and View License Key.
nrsysmond-config --set license_key=LICENSE_KEY_HERE
  1. After configuring New Relic on the server, you need to start the daemon.
/etc/init.d/newrelic-sysmond start

Aside from monitoring physical nodes, New Relic is also capable of monitoring mobile performance. It also has quite a few add-on apps referred to as ‘agents’; these come with enhanced functions including the ability to monitor PHP, MySQL, Apache, and Nginx, among others.

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